Ron & Teresa’s 40th Anniversary Highlights {Anniversary | Stettler}

When Teresa called me in the spring to talk about one of her ideas for celebrating and commemorating her and Ron’s 40th wedding anniversary, I was honoured to be a part of it! (I was even more excited when I heard she still had her wedding dress and wanted to wear it for some of their photos!) 

It was a really muggy, July evening, and it was perfect! As we snapped photos of them around their farm and yard, I heard stories about how they met, their engagement, their wedding and a few snippets of what marriage has been like for them for these 40 years. They laughed continually, and the twinkle in both of their eyes showed to me just how in love they still are with each other.  

Congratulations Ron & Teresa on 40 years! What an incredible milestone – and thank you for including me in the celebration!